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Special session <br /> <br />Discussion with <br />legislators <br /> <br />Department head <br />presentations <br /> <br />Special session <br /> <br />Worksession~.-~with <br />CCSCC <br /> <br /> BASEMENT CONFERENCE ROOM-MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1981 <br /> A special meeting of Council was held on this date with the <br /> following members present: Mr~ Albro, Mr. Buck, Mr. Conover, Ms. <br /> Gleason, Dr. Hall. Ahaent: None. <br /> <br /> Council held a discussion of local legislative priorities for <br />the upcoming session of the General Assembly with Delegates Jim <br />Murray and Mitch Van Yahres and Senator Tom Michie. <br /> <br /> Council heard presentations from the director of Parks and <br />Recreation~ Data Processing, the Commissioner of Revenue and the <br />Clerk of Council. <br /> <br /> ~, ~ .,~ i . <br /> On motion the meeting adjou~ ~____~ <br /> <br /> Clerk Presid~ <br /> <br /> TAKE NOTICE <br /> <br />A special meeting of Council will be held ~onight the <br />13th inst. at 7:30 p.m. o'clock. <br /> <br />BASEMENT CONFERENCE ROOM <br /> <br />WorksesSion with Citizens Committee~to Study Council Changes <br /> <br />Executive session to discuss matters exempted by Section <br />2.1-344(a) (6)(Legal) 6f the Virginia Freedom of Information <br />Act. <br /> <br /> BY ORDER OF <br /> <br />Kathleen Roletter (signed) Francis!~L. Buck (signed) <br />Clerk President <br /> <br /> BASEMENT CONFERENCE ROOM-TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1981 <br />Council met in special session with the following members present: <br />Mr. Albro, Mr. Buck, Mr. Conover, Ms. Gleason, Dr. Hall. Absent: <br />None. <br /> <br /> The following members of the Citizens Committee to Study <br /> <br />Council Changes met with Council to discuss their recommendations: <br />Dr. William ~Harris, James Fi King, Jr., Lawrence Burruss, O.A. <br />Gianniny, Jr. (chairman), Susie Sherwood and Tim O'Rourke, staff <br />to the committee. Mr. Gianniny began by briefly summarizing the <br />recommendations made hy the committee to Council in its presentation <br />on November 17. <br /> <br /> Regarding the committee's recommendation that Council be <br /> <br />enlarged to seven members (four war d representatives and three <br />at-large representatives), Mr. Burruss stated that the committee <br />members did not feel that present or past Councils~had failed in <br />their leadership or provision of good~ honest government for <br />Charlottesville, Rather, the committee made its recommendation <br />in the interests of guarding future good government in the City. <br />He said the mixture of ward and at-large representation seemed <br />a good compromise that re~ained the benefits of both systems. Ms. <br />Sherwood said that she had not felt entirely persuaded of the <br />necessity for making such a change but was aware of the claim by <br />some individuals and groups that Council has not been entirely <br />representative of community interests in the past and she is <br />willing to give the change a chance. Mr. King expressed his <br /> <br /> <br />