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237 <br /> <br />APPOINTMENTS: BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br /> <br /> Rev. Edwards annOunced the appointment of Father Scott <br /> Benhase and Mr. Matthew Blundin to the Drug Advisory Board. <br /> <br /> Rev. Edwards announced the following persons who would <br />represent the Board of Architectural Review and Urban Design <br />Committee on the review of the Michie Company proposal for <br />the CSX property: Kurt Wassenaar, Blake Caravati, Jack <br />Rinehart, Gary Okerlund, Rick Middleton, and Gwen <br />Gilliam-Turner. <br /> <br />REQUEST: VOTING MACHINES - ELECTORAL BOARD <br /> <br /> Mr. Hendrix stated that the Electoral Board has <br />requested that the Council appropriate $60,000 to purchase <br />new voting machines as the purchase of the equipment was not <br />included in the budget. <br /> <br /> Ms. Clare Smith, Secretary of the Electoral Board, <br />stated that the new machine are needed as no replacement <br />parts are available for the voting machines now in use and <br />three elections, including a presidential election, will be <br />held in the next 18 months. <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters asked whether the Electoral Board had given <br />consideration to replacing only part of the machines. <br /> <br /> Ms. Smith replied that the Electoral Board had not <br />considered this and stated that the cost of purchasing <br />equipment in. the future will increase. <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters suggested that staff develop ~other options <br />and expressed concern about where the $60-,000 could be found. <br /> <br /> Mr. Toscano requested additional information, including <br />more information about the expected life of the voting <br />machines. <br /> <br /> It was the consensus of Council to recOnsider the matter <br />at the July 1st meeting. <br /> <br />COUNCIL REPORT: PACC UPDATE <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters gave an update on major issues being <br />discussed by the City/County/University Planning and <br />Coordination Council (PACC). The study of the Blue Ridge <br />Hospital area has been completed!and will now go to the <br />Planning Commission for review and then to the Council. The <br />compatibility of issues in the City, County and University's <br />land use plans have been discuSsed, with particular attention <br />to the Fontaine entrance corridor, Ivy corridor, North <br />Grounds, 9th/10th Streets, potential for future development <br />of a sports arena, and widening of Emmet Street north of <br />University Avenue, which the City favors but is opposed by <br />the University. Ms. Waters stated that attempts are ongoing <br />to join the three land use plans. Ms. Waters stated that the <br />coordination of bus systems is on Schedule, the joint bicycle <br />plan is close to completion and the Metropolitan Planning <br />Organization has been working with major employers on steps to <br />reduce traffic. <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters stated that Council is also being asked to <br />approve a resolution which would designate the PACC Technical <br />Committee as the body to coordinate entrance corridor <br />guidelines. ~ <br /> <br /> Ms. Slaughter questioned the need for the resolution at <br />this time since Council adopted guidelines for the entrance <br />corridors in the recently adopted zoning amendment. <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters stated that the resolution would address the <br />need for the City, County and University to confer and <br /> <br /> <br />