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COUNCIL CHAMBER - February 18, 2003 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present: <br />Mr. Caravati, Mr. Cox, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Richards, Mr. Schilling. <br /> <br />AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS <br />: AFRICAN - AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH <br />PROCLAMATION <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox read the proclamation proclaiming February of African - American <br />History Month. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> Mr. Max Salines, 3230 Darby Road, Keswick, President of the Thomas Jefferson <br />Memorial Church, said he is looking forward to a resolution to the parking problem for <br />the church, noting that they have been adversely affected by the current permit parking <br />regulations. <br /> <br /> Mr. Al Reynolds, 1502 Holly Road, a member of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial <br />Church, said that it is important for church members to be able to park on B urnley <br />Avenue as there are a lot of members who are elderly or who have small children. Mr. <br />Reynolds said he hopes Council passes the ordinance. <br /> <br /> Mr. Joe Mooney, 201 Sunset Avenue, a member of the Thomas Jefferson <br />Memorial Church, said he feels the amend ed permit parking ordinance is a reasonable <br />compromise between the neighborhood and the church, and will alleviate a major <br />problem for the church. <br /> <br /> Ms. Bekah Saxon, 913 Blenheim Avenue, announced that March 3 is "Read <br />Across America" Day, and invited Cou ncilors to come to any of the City's elementary <br />and middle schools to read to children. <br /> <br /> Mr. Stephen Bach, 1208 Meriwether Road, expressed disappointed at what <br />th <br />Council did and did not do at its December 16 meeting regarding the bike and <br />pedestrian plan. Mr. Bach said there was copious opportunity to see how the plan was <br />unfolding and to give input, and he cannot understand the act of not approving it. Mr. <br />th <br />Bach said that TEA - 21 is up for reauthorization this year and February 28 is the <br />deadline for ap plications. Mr. Bach asked if the City is submitting an application and, if <br />so, are there any bike projects proposed. <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox said the bike and pedestrian plan has not come to a halt, but said there <br />were financing questions and a desire to have concrete and realistic plans. <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE <br />: REDUCING WATER RATES <br /> <br /> Mr. O'Connell explained that water rates increased as a result of drought related <br />conservation. Mr. O'Connell said this ordinance will roll back the water rates which is <br />possible bec ause the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority recently lowered its rates. <br /> <br /> Ms. Rita Scott, Director of Finance, said that wholesale water rates have been <br />lowered 34%, but are not returning to the July rates because of the estimated <br />consumption for the rest o f the year (85% of original projected consumption). Ms. Scott <br />noted that water conservation also affected sewer rates. Ms. Scott said that the new rates <br />include an additional $50,000 for the toilet rebate program. <br /> <br /> The public hearing was opened, but as there were no speakers, the public hearing <br />was closed. <br /> <br /> On motion by Mr. Lynch, seconded by Ms. Richards, the ordinance entitled "AN <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING AND REORDAINING SECTIONS 31 - 153 AND 31 - 156 <br />OF THE CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY CODE, 1990, AS AMENDED, DECREASI NG <br />