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COUNCIL CHAMBER - May 19, 2003 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present: <br />Mr. Caravati, Mr. Cox, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Richards, Mr. Schilling. <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox acknowledged members of the Charlottesville High School Chorus who <br />pe rformed prior to the meeting. <br /> <br />AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS <br />: Public Works Snow Crew; Public Works Week <br />Proclamation <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox acknowledged employees of Public Works for their extraordinary work <br />during the past winter. <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox read the Public Works Week proclamat ion. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> <br />Ms. Naomi Roberts, 1140 St. Clair Avenue Extended, an employee of the Police <br />Department, asked Council about the new ISP system and converting to biweekly payroll. <br />She said employees will lose money from September to December, and she quest ioned <br />why payroll is being changed. <br /> <br /> Mr. Schilling asked that the City Manager provide a report to Council on <br />converting to biweekly payroll. <br /> <br /> Mr. O'Connell said that all affected employees are being met with, and noted that <br />two thirds of all employees a re already paid on a biweekly basis. Mr. O'Connell said this <br />conversion has been in the works for years and is intended to streamline the procedure <br />and save money. Mr. O'Connell said he will provide additional information to Council. <br /> <br /> Mr. Kevin Kotlarsk i, 2316 Fontaine Avenue, thanked Councilors who attended <br />the neighborhood meeting regarding the Fontaine Avenue project. Mr. Kotlarski <br />presented a petition with 399 signatures expressing concern about the project. He asked <br />that the project be stopped unt il the issues are resolved. <br /> <br /> Mr. Len Schoppa, 1439 Westwood Road, representing ACCT, thanked Council <br />for participating in the Safe Routes to School program. Mr. Schoppa supported the <br />appropriation for Greyhound operations, and said he hopes Council will demonstrate their <br />continued support for this mode of transportation. <br /> <br /> Ms. Bekah Saxon, 913 Blenheim Avenue, representing the Charlottesville <br />Education Association, thanked Council for increasing the meals tax in order to support <br />unmet capital needs of th e schools. Ms. Saxton said that CEA urged Council to take <br />further steps to encourage State government to meet their responsibilities to the schools. <br /> <br /> Ms. Barbara Myer, 1318 - B Hampton Street, said that Council will soon be <br />receiving a report from the Jeff erson School Task Force. In that report is a <br />th <br />recommendation that Jefferson School be used during the 50 anniversary of Brown v. <br />Board of Education. Ms. Myer said she thinks this is a stellar idea. <br /> <br />st <br /> Mr. Waldo Jacquith, North 1 Street, presented what he said will be the first of <br />ten ideas for the City to consider: 1) making grants of $100 each available for residents <br />under 21 who work for social change (at an annual cost of approximately $5,000); and 2) <br />provide a sizeable grant for sustaining a social activist. <br /> <br /> Mr. Stan Tatum, 540 Park Street, said that traffic is bad in Charlottesville and is <br />getting worse, especially on East High Street, McIntire Road, West Main Street, Barracks <br />Road Shopping Center, and around the University. Mr. Tatum recommende d that lines <br />be repainted, that some traffic signals be eliminated and others coordinated. Mr. Tatum <br />suggested that the running of red lights be addressed with cameras or some other means. <br /> <br />