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NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING <br /> <br />A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY COUNCIL WILL BE <br />HELD ON Thursday, July 17, 2003 AT 5:00 p.m. IN THE Michie Annex Conference <br />Room. <br /> <br />THE PROPOSED AGENDA IS AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Work session: Zoning Ordinance <br /> <br />BY ORDER OF TH E MAYOR BY Jeanne Cox <br /> <br />MICHIE ANNEX CONFERENCE ROOM - July 17, 2003 <br /> <br /> Council met in special session on this date with the following members present: <br />Mr. Caravati, Mr. Cox, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Richards, Mr. Schilling. <br /> <br /> Mr. Jim Tolbert, Director of Neigh borhood Development Services, reviewed <br />th <br />items listed as "Clarity Items"in his July 16 memorandum which were raised by <br />Councilors and with which staff agrees. <br /> <br /> It was the consensus of Council to accept the changes as listed in the <br />memorandum. <br /> <br />Park Ove rlay Zone <br /> <br /> Ms. Lisa Kelley, Deputy City Attorney, said Council may want to refer this <br />section of the zoning ordinance back to the Planning Commission and have them <br />officially designate what are parks. <br /> <br /> Mr. Caravati, Ms. Richards, and Mr. Schilling suppor ted sending the parks <br />overlay zone back to the Planning Commission. <br /> <br /> Ms. Richards said she would also like the Planning Commission to discuss the <br />definition of a park outside of the Parks Master Plan. <br /> <br />High Density on South Side of Jefferson Park Avenue <br /> <br /> Mr. Lynch said designating the south side of Jefferson Park Avenue as high <br />density is something he would eventually support, but not now. He said he would want <br />to make sure transit is available in that area. He said he thinks the other density area will <br />be adequate for several years. <br /> <br /> Mr. Schilling said it seems to make sense to add this triangle back in, and would <br />support that if the parking requirement was increased to one additional space for a three <br />bedroom apartment. <br /> Ms. Richards said the parking decision will impact her decision on the density <br />issue. She also suggested having high density on Jefferson Park Avenue instead of <br />Brandon Avenue. <br /> <br /> Mr. Caravati said he supports putting high density back in for Jefferson Park <br />Avenue. He said the area is destined to be served better by transit. He said the area is in <br />dire need of being modernized and that is not likely to happen with the current zoning. <br /> <br /> Mr. Cox said he supports putting high density back in for Jefferson Park Avenue. <br />He said he is upse t with the quality of housing there and feels the area is desperately in <br />need of renovation. He said he was persuaded by the map that Council was shown at the <br />previous Council meeting showing the number of renter versus owner occupied units in <br />the area an d also by comments made by former students who lived in the area. He said <br />he would like to take up permit parking in conjunction with the University district idea. <br /> <br />Parking Requirement in University District <br />