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<br />SAID SURPLUS OF $70,000.00, OR ANY AVAILABLE PART iHtRECiF, IN <br />iMPROVEbiENTS f0 'fHE PRESENT NEGkG ELEiriENTAkY SCHOOL KNGWN AS <br />.JEFFERSON ~LEi•iENTAi<Y $t.HGGL~ <br />iJOW THEREFORE dE 1T RESOLVED: THAT $ENATUR E. C. '4cCuE, .JR., <br />REPktStN-fING THIS StNAYvRIAL DiSikICT iN 1'HE uENtRAL HSSEi•ibLY liF <br />i R31 N iA, AND ~iGN. i~ENkY B. UiiRDUN, l1ELEGATE: t kUt.i THE CITY OF <br />RESOLUTION kE: LMAttLO1TESvILLE TO THE GENERAL ~+SSEMdIY OF VIRGINIA, BE RE- <br />$UkPLUS FUNDS F'ROhi <br />DUNDS uURLEY iiiGH $CHGUL QUESTED TO OFFER AND UR.iE 1HE FA:iSAGE OF A SPECIAL ACT ENABLING <br />THE $t:HGOL vUAkD GF THc lk.iTY OF i.HARLOTTESviLLE 10 EXPtND FOR <br />{i.iPROVEi•iENTS AT .JEFFERSON ELE;dENTARY $CHGUL iN CHAKLGTTESVILLE, <br />~i/Ir<i;;IN1A, ::HATEVER PART GF SAID SURPLUS GF $70,000.00 A5 SAID <br />$GHOUL QUARD, IN ITS Di5CRE71UN, UEE7.iS f0 dt NOT FUR'I'MER NEEDEO <br />IN FINANCING THE VITY~S SHARE GF THE CU51" GF ~JkLEY Ili&H $CHGGL. <br />THE OkD 1 NANCE AhitND 1 NG AND RE-'tiJACl 1 NCi tHE "1„T ~ L iTY TaX ORu I f~l,iuCE" <br />:JAy AuA1N OFFERED, BUT fHE i iVANNA TtLEVl510N ~.Ai:sLE. %i)RP. kEQUES1Ep <br />Ht.;ENDtAENT TO: <br />L~i iL i 7Y TAX CRD I NAiWCE 7HA f AC 1 1 uN dE DEFEkRED UN~f i L iHt NEXT l.iEE'i i NG. ~- ..iUT 1 GN BV h~K. ~AV I S, SECJNDEO <br />CARRfED uVER <br />b'r ~~R. Ti:BELL, HqT ACT 1 GN vN i H I S GRU I NANCE bE DEFEkkED UN i I L fHE ;dEE f I NG GN <br />.JANUARY 18, 1954, fiUT TnA"i OEF INITE AC'f ION bt IA1~EN AT THAT (IhiE, 'r AS <br />UNANIi.i0U5LY aDUFTED. <br />/+ I:ULit:iUNIGATiON WAS itE(;EiVED Fr~Uhi Mk. }~. C. ~'"OWEN, :JHU :JAS iNTEkESTED <br />1 N REN"i ING THti Si•iALL 5r ACE (iv iHt .1 i'r LO1' BETWEEN 1 Ht kLlaiJLAK ^AkK i N(a SPACES AND <br />THE MGNTi%ELIu riGfitl PArtKiNG LGT ~Ok A PRIVATE PARKING SNACE. THE i.iTY MANAIaER <br />nEQUES'1' TO RENT <br />3<rAGE I N PARKING L07 PG i NTED GU"1' I HAT fHE PRESENT FLANS P KOV iDE FUK 'i HE USt JF TH i S orAE;L FOR <br />DtN1ED. <br />BENCHES TG bE :iyED by !'tUPLE :JA I T 1 NG Ai' I HE Pr+itK 1 N(i LOT. H i.iU7 i uN by ~~k. rirkbES, <br />~EI;ONDEO nY MK. ~"~c i NdERG, THAI i1i i ~ rttQUES'i bE DEi~ i ED AND THAT NU Pk I V!. i E <br />^ARKiNG SPACE bE n>=NEED b'i THE :JLEK Ok ';GN7H iN ANY vf- THE "I;NICI?AL PAKKiNIi <br />IGYS WAS iiNAN i tiGUSLV ADU~TED. <br />j+ GO~hidUNICATIGN ::AS RECEIVED Fkut•i ~~RS. ~'~. fJ. MEWS, 313 ~~Ulri ICELLO EGAD, <br />REVUE5T FvR GA5 HEAT icEl1UES"i INIa PE12i•i1551GN 10 iNS~fALL ":.AS HEAT. H ~ivTli)N b'Y ~R. FGRdts, SECOWUED <br />DENIED ~- I~. ~~. P~E'AS <br />dY i:R. ~JitINBERG, THAI 1H1j APPLiCA71GN iiE DENiEG WA7 :;NANII•iiUU5LY Af';'ROYED. <br />vN t.iGl' I UN b Y r'R. ~AV 1 5 • SECONDED by ~".n. FukbtS, i HE 1• ULIOW 1 NG ClA I t.i <br />IJOG FUND AGA i Ny i' HE UOG ~ UND iJNS Ar:?kOVED: <br />~.HAkLGS r.. HNDc RSUN 7.50 <br />vN i•iG ~ I GN THt P•1EET I Nv AU,iGURNED. <br />~~ it E R K _ _ ___..._.~__..___ <br />%vU ia% i L <br />THE LvUNCIL SET' IN REGULAR SESSION O <br />__ __ `~tr{ ~_/ _ <br />PRESIDENT ~~ <br />i;Fia~SBER - J~,i~UARY 18, 1954 <br />H 'THIS DATE 'rJll'H fHE FOLLOWING <br />i.1EMBE:RS PRESENT: MR. ~AVIS, MR. FURBES, Mk. ~i1LL, MR. TEdELL AND ~~R. ~'~EINBERG. <br />>1d5ENT: iYONE. <br />THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF .JANUARY 4, 1954 WERE READ AND APoROVED. <br />A REPRESENTATIVE FROid ~dENLZ6R ~AI'TtST I+HuKCH ADDRESSED 7HE I.GUNCIL AND <br />REQUESTED PERi~i15SIUN TO iNSiALL AN ADDITIONAL GA5 HEATER IN THE CHURCH. THE <br />REQUEST F'OR iiAS HEATER <br />DENIED ~+AYUR ADVISED THAT DUE I'O EXISTING KEuuLAi TUNS fHt HE QUEST 'rJUiiLD HAVE '10 BE. <br />DEN-E0. <br />h CU(Ai•iUNICAI ION FROi•i 'iHE $fA"fE t.vrtiFENSATIuN COARD STATING IHA7 THEY MAD <br />~.UlrfldUN 1 GAT 1 UN PRESENTED RE : <br />COiVI,.i i 55 1 ONER OF REVENUE AP?ROVED I HE ttECUi•i;•1ENDAT 1 UN OF 1`ME I.OUNC (I SETTING fHE SALARY OF '1 HE <br />