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RESiiLU710N WAS OAF"E:RED AND CARE+iIE~ ~'~V'c(? 7i~ "HE hJEXT f.1LETIEJC, FJR :~i9i~1Df-Fi.~TI`i'V: <br />BE IT RF..~~~L-VED E3Y THc ~r;UflCIL GI 1FiL rITY OF CH:^-~~LOf1F ,'lfI LE <br />~~~PPRiiPRIATlt7tr P.E`.iOLIITION <br />FGR PARK l fJla f4C;TE RS CAF21:: I LD <br />iiVER <br />PAF?K1NG i•1EiEf~ FOF? THf: F-OUF? t4l!NICIPAL PARY.ING t_G7S AND ';~?`! ,.~"FF"FRS(}P9 <br />GREET. <br />THPiT ~j Z1,Vv'v'.vU OR AS f.1l1CH 9H~R~C;F A`i ".fAY f1E P-IEG~;55A.RY~ BF .~fJD THE <br />SAP~fE i5 HEr:EE3Y Af'PRCiPP.lATEO EOf THE. PIJRCtiASE A^JD IF•9;3T'.LLATiOtJ OF <br />lt'+' taOTiti^; E?'r ~'~f'•, DAVIS, ~FCONDED SY ~'~R. ~'~EItJBERG" THE FOLLO•d;N(a ~L.Aif.T <br />CLAIM AGAINST DOG FUND <br />AGA I P1~T TFiE DOG FUfJD '•iA5 Af"'PRUNED: <br />MRS, t~• t ~F(1t.if.~ETT <br />r_ •~ <br />W7•Jt+ <br />OFd L10rfOP. F3'Y ~`1E, ~tJEINEERG, SECONDED E3Y ~'~i i)FVVIS, THt FVI_L+]WING RESGLUTION <br />4JA~ GFFERED AND Cr.'f71ED OVER TO THE PJcXT ""EE"ffilia FGR C01;6IU~-t~.:~TIG":: <br />RF IT' ~'LDDL~r~ED E3Y THc ~rIt~NC 11. Of rl+.L `~ I1-Y !)E rHAi<LOTTES'/ I?..(_E <br />WPPROPRIATIUN RESUt.UTION <br />FOR CI1'Y~ i SNARE UTlt.l"PIES <br />CARR1tD OVER <br />THAT $5, 2.1~)•`Jt3 SE, Af:D ~iHE ~if7F,~~ I~S Hi=RE!'Y ±~t'^R(;PRIATf_f> ~U CUVEF. fHE <br />~fTY~S SliAitE (?'; C~`~T riF UT11_FTIE~ t^; 7r1E: FOLLOWING STREt.TS: <br />.ilARl_E`~ "FiUI:fJ <br />7.ZTt^riT Ft r.E_T, ~s. ~"j. <br />F, i., ~fJll.FiT <br />!tf ILL 1 nfA ". P1L'RPHY <br />~i1CK I ;di:HAf~s r'i:~AD <br />n, ~+. j%1UNDERS <br />l f:L;-.ESE f•'. ~rloGo <br />DUfJGVA C.avr<T <br /> <br />'MATER :1f7D CAS <br />~'~~7CR, %i~"~ S~iJU SEWER <br />!fIATEF-., ~:~AS AfJJ S`-a'ER <br />'~i~tT' R~ GAS ;itiD ;E4dER <br />r'~ PE1'ITIUP: F;OLf THE REIt)Ec ~;; C'F ~lJF2GE.R:i; ~A~lt: !;E~:ESiIfiC. EH :T Tt?SIR SiRf_c:T <br />PETITION RECEIVED cE.: BE ACCFPTEC~ IsJTG~ TFIE ~_.ITY JTRf FT Y$TEh? ',.~~;:> r:t:FE!r(eEU TU riiE TRrET ~.. ~'E.11TfE.E_ <br />BIJRGE:iS ~_AiJE - Rt~FEf?S<tiU <br />TG c>TRF1'T '^OP1t.71 TTcF= F'OR I fll%E_S r IGAT !vN. <br />n' '.9~i"I Ii~FJ Tttt f'EET'!;tG ^UJ,iURNED. <br />C L E rt K ~_ -~-~-_ ____.~ ----_ P f' E t U E."7 T -w.`^-- <br />CCUNC IL C~iA~dRE4 - P!OVEME3ER iii, ~.'~53 <br />THE COU*ICIL MET IrJ REGULAR SESSION aN THIS DATE WITH THE FOLLOWING <br />ME"+t13'FRS PRf_SEYIT: 1"~Rw DAVIS, MR. FORBES, M~R• ILL, MR• Tc3ELL A1JD MRS <br />WEIfJBERG. ASSENT: NONE. <br />TIC MINUTES OF THE MEETIN':, OF NO'/EMBER ~, IaS3 WERE READ AF2U APPfiOVED. <br />MR. F. PAGE !'dELSON APPFAREp BEFORE TtiE COUNCIL AilD RE,IUESTcD P"Ri~iI:iSIJN <br />REQUEST TO WA 1 VE L t CEtJSE <br />TAX OiJ SALE OF E3UL85 FOR THE .JUNIOR CHAtdBER OF COMMERCE AND THE Mtq,LER SCHOOL ALUMN) TO SELL L.iSHT <br />L+ULBS F'tUt•1 DUOR TO DOOR ON NOVEMI:3ER 24TH AtJD 2~T11, 1953, AtJD THAT THE LIGF=NSE <br />TAX ON Tfi15 CANVASS 3E WAIVEO• ON .tdOTiON SY MR. TEP.,Ei.L, SECONDED BY MR• <br />WEINBERG, 7H15.REQUEST WAS UtJAN1t,iGUSLY GRANTED. <br />THE REV. QENJAMIN F• ~UNN ADDRESSED 3HE COUNCIL AND URGED THAT WHEN <br />MATTER RE: COLdRED ADD 1 T iOfJAL POLICEWOMEN ACJD POL 1 CEMEN ARE E?APLOYED THAT COLORED APPL I CAN'f5 <br />POLICEWOMEN AND POLICEMEN <br />3E CO~~51 D:.RED. THE MAYOR t,OV 1 SED THAT 7N IS MATTER WAS HANDLED i3Y TriE C 1 TY <br />1`1ANAGER ANu THE CHIEF OF POLICE, ANU TbiAT APPLICATION FORMS COULD ~E SECURED <br />FROM THESE OFFICERS <br />MR. RANDOLPH H, PERRY, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF THE LHA*IBER OF COMMERCE, <br />ADDRESSED THE COUNCIL AND REQUEST£O THAT THE Ci1AJ4BER OF COMMERCE S3E PcRad17TED <br />MATTER RE: OVERTIME <br />-ARKING - CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TO h!AKE THE SAME ARRANGEMENTS REGARDfNG OVER-TIPdE PARKING THIS YEAR AS THEY <br />HAVE DONE IN THE PAST. THE CITY MANAGER REMItJDED THE COUNCIL THAT THE <br />