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8i <br /> <br />NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETYNG <br /> <br />A SPECIAL M~ETiNG OF Ti~ COU-NCiL WiLL BE HELD ON Friday, October 3, 1997 <br />AT 8:00 a.m !N Ti-I~. Second Floor Con!~rence Room. <br /> <br />THE PROPOSEr_) AGE-NDA iS AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />Executive session as prodded by Section 2. i-344(A) of fhe Virginia Code <br /> <br />BY ORDER OF THE M~AYOR <br /> <br />BY Jeanne Cox (signed) <br /> <br />SECOND FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM - October 3, 1997 <br /> <br /> Council met in spedal session on ths date with the following members present: Mx. <br />Cox, Ms. Daugherty, Ms. Richards, Ms. S!aughter, Mr. Toscano. <br /> <br /> On motion by Ms. Richards, seconded by Ms. Daugherty, Council voted, with Mr. Cox <br />absent for the vote, to meet in executive session for the purpose of consultation with legal <br />counsel and briefings by sta~ members, consultants or attomeys, pertaining to probable <br />litigation, or other specific legal matters requiting the provision of!egal advice by counsel, as <br />attthofized by Section 2.1-344(A)(7) of the Virginia Code. The substance of the matters to <br />be discussed can reasonffb!y be identified as follows: changes in the fbrm of!ocal government <br />structure, and related alternatives. An executive session on this subject is also authorized by <br />Section 15. !-945.7(D) of the VirgLnia Code. <br /> <br /> Council reconvened in open session and, on motion by Mr. Toscano, seconded by Ms. <br />Daugherty, certified that, to the best of each member's know. ledge, (i) only public business <br />matters !awf-ul!y exempted from open meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in <br />the executive meeting to which this certification resolution applies, and (ii) only such public <br />-business matters as were identified in 'the motion convening the executive meeting were <br /> heard, discussed or considered by the Council. <br /> <br /> The meeting was adjourned. <br />PreAdent ~ <br /> <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER - October 6, !997 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the fol!owi.'_ng members present: Mr. <br />Cox, Ms. Daugherty, Ms. Richards, Mr. Toscano. Absent: Ms. Slaughter. <br /> <br />RECOGNITION: BEST NEW FACILITY AWA_RD <br /> <br /> Mr. O'Connell presented the Best New Facility .Award for the Tonsler Park renovation <br />project. <br /> <br /> Ms. Maw Newton, volunteer coordinator for the project, thap&ed the numerous <br />community volunteers who donated thousands of hours for the renovation. <br /> <br /> Mr. Leon Churchill, Assistant City Manager, said that the project was a model private/ <br />public partnership, rebuilding the community with citizen support. <br /> <br /> _Mr: Johnny Ellen, Recreation Supervisor, said that the project provided an opportunity <br />to be involved with several youth se_wing groups, civic organizations and neighborhood <br />associations. <br /> <br /> Ms. Daugherty thanked eve~one who was involved in the Tons!er project, and said <br />that it brought ckizen partidpation to a level never seen before. Ms. Daugherty added that <br />she hopes this experience will inspire citizens to partner with the City Ln the _fhture. <br /> <br /> <br />