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138 <br /> <br />meeting to which this certification resolution applies, and (ii) only such public business <br />matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, <br />discussed or considered by the Council. <br /> <br />APPOINTMENTS: BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br /> <br /> On motion by Mr. Toscano, seconded by Ms. Richards, Mr. William C. Dirickson <br />was appointed to the JAUNT Board by the following vote. Ayes: Mr. Caravati, Mr. <br />Cox, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Richards, Mr. Toscano. Noes: None. This term will expire on <br />October 1, 2002. <br /> <br />p/r%sidenqW'~- ¥ <br />[ COUNCIL CHAMBER - August 7, 2000 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present: <br />Mr. Caravati, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Richards, Mr. Toscano. Absent: Mr. Cox. <br /> <br />RECOGNITIONS/AWARDS: BILL DITTMAR, ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS, INC. <br /> <br /> Mr. Caravati presented the City's Business Recognition Award to Mr. Bill Dittmar <br />of Enterprise Holdings and Enterprise Travel. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> Ms. Joan Fenton, 3705 Country Lane, owner of three businesses on the downtown <br />mall, asked Council to ban amplified music on the downtown mall. Ms. Fenton said that <br />the noise is intrusive to businesses and customers, and she asked Council to rework the <br />law to make it applicable to today's technology. <br /> <br /> Ms. Nancy Lawry of North Garden, representing the Charlottesville Municipal <br />Band, announced that the Band has met the matching grant/loan provided by the City, <br />and their new building is now in use by the Band and other local organizations. <br /> <br /> Ms. Nancy Coble Damon, 2407 Jefferson Park Avenue, said she recently visited <br />China and was asked by officials of the City of Xiamen to invite Our local officials to <br />attend their trade fair in September. <br /> <br /> F/Ir. Kevin Cox, Fairway Avenue, expressed concern about the public's role and <br />participation in government, and said he feels that the public's cynicism has been fueled <br />by the behavior of some on Council. Mr. Cox said that Mr. Lynch campaigned on a <br />theme of open gove .rnment, but that an article published in the Daily Progress revealed <br />that Mr. Lynch had sent confidential e-mails to other Councilors. Mr. Cox said he also <br />feels it is outrageous that Mr. Lynch wanted to charge the Progress $65 an hour to <br />retrieve his e-mails after a Freedom of Information Act request was made. Mr. Cox said <br />he thinks all e-mails sent by Council should be posted to allow the public to participate. <br /> <br /> Mr. Lynch said that he has advocated for an open process and his intent was to <br />make the contents of the e.mail public after receiving feedback from other Councilors. <br />Mr. Lynch said he felt it was property protocol to give the information to Council before <br />taking it to the pubic. Mr. Lynch said he will try to be more forthcoming in the future. <br /> <br />PUBLIC HEARING: $178,116 - FREE FARE TROLLEY BETWEEN DOWNTOWN <br />AND UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA <br /> <br /> Ms. Helen Poore, Transit Manager, explained that a shuttle bus service running <br />every 15 minutes is proposed between downtown and the University, which is viewed as <br />another step in the expansion of public transportation, Ms. Poore said a.benchmark of an <br />annual ridership of 125,000 has been set. Ms. Poore noted that other localities that have <br />begun hmited free fare routes have seen none or minimal impact to their overall <br /> <br /> <br />