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CITY COUNCIL AGENDA Monday, July 17 , 2017 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER Council Chambers PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC Pu blic comment is provided for up to 15 speakers at the beginning of the meeting (limit 3 minutes per speaker.) Pre -registration is available for up to 10 spaces, and pre -registered speakers are announced by noon the day of the meeting. The number of speakers is unlimited at the end of the meeting. 1.CONSENT AGENDA *(Items removed from consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.) a.Minutes for Ju ly 5, 2017 b.APPROPRIATION:Strategic Investment Area Form -Based Code – $228,000 (2 nd of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:2017 -2018 Community Development Block Grant – $430,316.31 (1 st of 2 readings) d.APPROPRIATION:2017 -2018 HOME F unds – $90,748.69 (1 st of 2 readings) e.APPROPRIATION:HOME Investment Partnerships Program – $3,214.26 (1 st of 2 re adings) f.APPROPRIATION:Amendment to C ommunity Development Block Grant Account (1 st of 2 readings) g.RESOLUTION:Authorizing Revenue Bond Issue for Jefferson Scholars Foundation (1 st of 1 reading) h.RESOLUTION:Refund of Tax Payment to County Waste LLC (1 st of 1 reading) i.RESOLUTION:Refund of Tax Payment to Wells Fargo Equipment Finance INC (1 st of 1 reading) j.RESOLUTION:Refund of Tax Payment to PNC Equipment Finance LLC (1 st of 1 reading) k.ORDINANCE:Quitclaim to VDOT (Fontana and Hyland Ridge Subdivisions) (2 nd of 2 readings) l.ORDINANCE:Approval of Sale of Baylor Lane Lot (2 nd of 2 readings ) m.ORDINANCE:King St. Rezoning Application (2 nd of 2 reading s ) n.ORDINANCE:Parking Ordinance Changes (2 nd of 2 readings) 2.PUBLIC HEARING Charlo ttesville Fire Department and Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad Emergency Medical Services System Improvement Strategy and Cost Recovery Program – 15 mins 3 .PUBLIC HEARING /Urban Archery Ordinance and related revisions (1 st of 2 readings) – 20 mins ORDINANCE *4 .Closing and Vacating First Street South Between Water Street and South Street PUBLI C HEARING /ORDINANCE *PUBLIC HEARING /ORDINANCE*5 . (1 st of 2 readings) – 10 mins Wool en Mills Vill age Historic Conservati on District (1 st of 2 readings) – 20 m ins 6.REPORT:Reallocation of Existing Funds for Parks Projects – 20 min RESOLUTION*•McIntire Park R ail R oad Pedestrian Bridge (1 st of 1 reading)RESOLUTION*•Skate Park (1 st of 1 reading)7 .REPORT Rivanna Quarterly Update – 15 mins 8 .REPORT *Community Development Corporations Report – 30 mins OTHER BUSINESS MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC