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CI TY COUNCIL AGENDA Monday , October 2, 2017 5:00 p.m. Closed session as provided by Section 2.2 -3712 of the Virginia Code Second Floor Conference Room (annual performance evaluation of City Manager ; consultation with legal counsel regarding probable litigation) 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER Council Chambers PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS School Yard Garden; Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Imagine a Day Without Water; Energy Efficiency Day CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC (Independent Review Update with Timothy Heaphy) MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC Public comment is provided for up to 15 speakers at the beginning of the meeting (limit 3 minutes per speaker.) Pre -registration is available for up to 10 spaces, and pre -registered speakers are announced by noon the day of the meeting. The number of speakers is unlimited at the end of the meeting. 1.CONSENT AGENDA *Passed 5 -0 (Items removed from consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.) a.Minutes for September 18 , 2017 b.APPROPRIATION:Risk Management Fund Line of Duty Act (LODA) Insurance Reimbursement – $28,200 (2 nd of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:Fiscal Year 2018 Fire Programs Aid to Locality Funding (Firefund) Appropriation – $145,343 (2 nd of 2 readings) d.APPROPRIATION:Virginia Homelessness Solutions Grant (VHSP) – $477,151 (2 nd of 2 readings) e.APPROPRIATION:State Of Good Repair (SGR) for bridge repairs –$10,079,968.00 (1 st of 2 readings)deferred to 10/16 f.APPROPRIATION:Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Grant – $452,704 (1 st of 2 readings) g.APPROPRIATION:Virginia Department of Health Special Nutrition Child and Adult Care Food Program – $32,000 (1 st of 2 readings) h.RESOLUTION:Seminole Square Shopping Center – Critical Slopes Waiver (1 st of 1 reading) i.RESOLUTION:Pepsi Bottling Plant – Critical Slopes Waiver (1 st of 1 reading) j.RESOLUTION:Special Use Permit (SUP) for Automobile Sales at 1530 E. High Street (1 st of 1 reading) pulled for discussion k.RESOLUTION:Washington Park / Madison Avenue bicycle connector path (1 st of 1 reading) deferred to 10/1 6 2.RESOLUTION*:Honorary Street Naming – Heather Heyer Way (1 st of 1 reading) p assed 5 -0 (Fenwick/Szakos) 3.RESOLUTION*:Meadow Creek Valley Trail Bridge Grant – $375,000 (1 st of 1 reading) – deferred to 10/16 4.RESOLUTION*:250 Bypass Commuter Path Grant – $250,000 (1 st of 1 reading) – deferred to 10/16 5.ORDINANCE*:Solar Energy Systems Zoning Text Amendment (2 nd of 2 readings) 6.RESOLUTION*:Loan Extension for Dogwood Properties – $850,000 (1 st of 1 reading) 7.RESOLUTION*:Implementation Plan for the Charlottesville Supplemental Rental Assistance Program (CSRAP) -- $900,000 8.REPORT ONLY:RWSA Quarterly Update (no verbal presentation) OTHER BUSINESS MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC RESOLUTION: Special Use Permit (SUP) for Automobile Sales at 1530 E. High Street (1 st of 1 reading)