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CIT Y COUNCIL AGENDA Monday , November 20 , 2017 6 :3 0 p.m. Closed session as provided by Section 2.2 -3712 of the Virginia Code Second Floor Conference Room (Discussion of the conveyance of City right -of -way adjacent to a business at the west end of the Downtown Mall) 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER Council Chambers PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Helen Cauthen – GO Program; Small Business Saturday CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC Public comment is provided for up to 15 speakers at the beginning of the meeting (limit 3 minutes per speaker.) Pre-registration is available for up to 10 spaces, and pre-registered speakers are announced by noon the day of the meeting. The number of speakers is unlimited at the end of the meeting. 1.CONSENT AGENDA *Passed 5 -0 (Szakos/Bellamy)(Items removed from consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.) a.Minutes for November 6 , 2017 b.APPROPRIATION:Local Contributions for Crisis Intervention Team – $105,910 (2 nd of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:Runaway Emergency Shelter Program Grant – $209,444 (2 nd of 2 nd reading) d.APPROPRIATION:Additional Funding for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) Program – $22,881 (1 st of 2 readings) e.APPROPRIATION:Check and Connect Student Engagement Continuation Grant – $110,250 (1 st of 2 readings) f.APPROPRIATION:Charlottesville City Schools’ Check and Connect Student Engagement Grant – $50,000 (1 st of 2 readings) g.RESOLUTION:MCI 5th Street Land Acquisition (1 st of 1 reading) h.RESOLUTION:Discontinue Drought Warning Stage Restrictions (1 st of 1 reading) i.ORDINANCE:Water Street Parking Garage Parking Spaces Lease (2 nd of 2 readings) pulled for discussion j.ORDINANCE:Proposed Changes to Dog License (2 nd of 2 readings) 2 .PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE*:Abandon Portion of Gas Easement in Dunlora Park Subdivision (1 st of 2 readings) Carried (Szakos/Galvin) 3 .PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE*:Vacate Sewer Easement at 600 Brandon Ave (UVA) (1 st of 2 readings) Carried (Galvin/Szakos) 4 .PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE*:Land Bank Corporation Plan (1 st of 2 readings) vote deferred to early 2018, soliciting public feedback and HAC recommendation 5.RESOLUTION*:Implementation Plan for the Charlottesville Landlord Risk Reduction Fund – $75,000 (1 st of 1 reading) Passed 5-0 as amended (Szakos/Bellamy ) 6.REPORT*:Legislative Package Review RESOLUTION: Regional Legislative Package (1 st of 1 reading) Passed 5 -0 as amended (Szakos/Galvin ) RESOLUTION: Local Legislative Package (1 st of 1 reading) 7 .REPORT*:Civil ian Review Board Recommendation 8 .ORDINANCE*:Park Street Planned Unit Development Rezoning Request (2 nd of 2 readings) 9.REPORT*:10.ORDINANCE:Inc arcerati on Diversi on Opportunities for Low Risk Offenders Pass ed 5 -0 (Fenwick/Szakos) Water Street Parki ng Garag e Park i ng Spaces Leas e (2 nd of 2 readings) pull ed for discussion Passed 3-2 (Noes: Bellamy, Szakos)