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CI TY COUNCIL AGENDA Mon day, February 5 , 2018 6:0 0 p.m. Closed session as provided by Section 2.2 -3712 of the Virginia Code NDS Conference Room (1. Acquisition or disposition of real property: Schenk’s Branch Project; T he possible exchange, transfer, reservation and/or property lease/use agreement between the City and County of Albemarle, involving real estate known as the 7 th and Market Street parking lot, the Jessup House, the Levy Opera House, and the County Office Building site 2. Pending litigation update ) 7:00 p.m. Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER Council Chambers PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC Public comment is provided for up to 15 speakers at the beginning of the meeting (limit 3 minutes per speaker.) Pre -registration is available for up to 10 spaces, and pre -registered speakers are announced by noon the day of the meeting. The number of speakers is unlimited at the end of the meeting. 1.CONSENT AGENDA *Bellamy/Hill 5 -0 (Items removed from consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.) a.APPROPRIATION:Funds to the City’s Workforce Investment Fund for Workforce Development/Training Programs – $50,000 (2 nd of 2 readings) b.APPROPRIATION:Appropriation of Funds to the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund for Fulfillment of the Cedars Court Apartment ADU Cash in Lieu Payment - $42,407.32 (1 st of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:Changing the Narrative Black Male Achievement Bama Works Fund Grant - $10,000 (1 st of 2 readings) 2.RE SOLUTION City Council Revised Policy and Procedures (1 st of 1 reading)- 30 min Passed as amended. Bellamy/Hill 5 -0 3.RESOLUTION West 2 nd Special Use Permit (1 st of 1 reading)- 30 min Was not approved 4.RESOLUTION City Council Policy Review: Nonprofit and Outside Agency Funding Requests that Occur Separate from the Budget Process (1 st of 1 reading)- 20 min Galvin/ Bellamy 5 -0 5.REPORT Affordable Housing Program - 30 min Deferred 6.RESOLUTION Fund Transfers for the Charlottesville High School Track Project - $425,000 (1 st of 1 reading)- 20 min Hill/ Bellamy 5 -0 OTHER BUSINESS MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC