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CITY COUNCIL AGENDA Monday, April 2, 2018 <br />5:30 p.m. Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code <br />Second Floor Conference Room (semi-annual performance evaluation of City Manager) <br />6:30 p.m. Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER <br />Council Chambers <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL <br />CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO COMMUNITY MATTERS <br />COMMUNITY MATTERS Public comment is provided for up to 16 speakers at the beginning of the meeting (limit 3 minutes per speaker.) Pre-registration is available for up to 8 spaces, and pre-registered speakers are announced <br />by noon the day of the meeting. The number of speakers is unlimited at the end of the meeting. <br />1.CONSENT AGENDA*:Signer/Galvin 5-0 (Items removed from consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.) <br />a.Minutes for March 19, 2018b.APPROPRIATION:HB2 / SMART Scale grant funding Barracks Road / Emmet Street Intersection – $8,640,866 (2nd of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:Charlottesville Fire Department Legacy Vending Machine Funds – $4314.94 (2nd of 2 readings) d.APPROPRIATION:Reimbursed funds to the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau – $35,517 <br /> (1st of 2 readings) <br />e.ORDINANCE:Quitclaim Gas Easement to VDOT at Adams Court (2nd of 2 readings) <br />2.PUBLIC HEARING:City Council’s Proposed FY 2019 Budget <br />3.ORDINANCE*:Annual Tax Levy (1st of 2 readings) –Bellamy/Hill <br />4. APPROPRIATION*:Annual Budget Appropriation for FY 2019 (1st of 2 readings) – Bellamy/Signer <br />5. PUBLIC HEARING /ORDINANCE*:Release of Sewer Easement on Rialto Street (1st of 2 readings) withdrawn – no public hearing <br />6. PUBLIC HEARING /ORDINANCE*:Storm Drain Easement at 1170 Emmet Street (1st of 2 readings) – Galvin/Hill <br />7. PUBLIC HEARING /RESOLUTION*:Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society Lease of McIntire Building (1st of 1 reading) 5-0 <br />8. RESOLUTION*:West 2nd Special Use Permit (1st of 1 reading) 4-1 (Walker; no) <br />9. RESOLUTION*:Honorary Street Name – Rue de Besançon (1st of 1 reading) 5-0 <br />10. ORDINANCE*:1206 Carlton Ave. Rezoning Request (1st of 2 readings) withdrawn by applicant <br />11. ORDINANCE*:Monticello Road Rezoning Request (1st of 2 readings) – Hill/Galvin <br />12. ORDINANCE*:Closing and Vacating Brandon Avenue and a Portion of Monroe Lane/15th Street (2nd of 2 readings) 4-1 (Walker; no) <br />OTHER BUSINESS MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC <br />*ACTION NEEDED