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CITY COUNCIL AGENDA Monday, May 6, 2019 <br />5:30 p.m. Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code Second Floor Conference Room (Legal advice; Personnel) <br />6:30 p.m. <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL ANNOUNCEMENTS PROCLAMATIONS <br />Regular Meeting - CALL TO ORDER <br />Council Chamber <br />Bike Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, May 18 Kids to Parks Day, May 19 Queen Charlotte Day 1. CONSENT AGENDA*PASSED 5-0; Items (Items c & d pulled by Walker for separate vote) a.MINUTES: March 18, 2019 regular meeting; April 15, 2019 regular meeting b.APPROPRIATION:FM Global Fire Prevention Grant - $3,268.00 (2nd of 2 readings) c.APPROPRIATION:2019-2020 Community Development Block Grant funding – $395,052.82 (1st of 2 readings) –Pulled for separate vote. PASSED 3-2 (Walker, Bellamy – No) d.APPROPRIATION:2019-2020 HOME Investment Partnership funding – $120,382.75 (1st of 2 readings) –Pulled for separate vote. PASSED 3-2 (Walker, Bellamy – No) e.APPROPRIATION:Amendment to Community Development Block Grant Account – Reprogramming of Funds for FY <br />2019-2020 - $1,900.82 (1st of 2 readings) f.APPROPRIATION:Local Emergency Management Performance Grant (LEMPG) - $7,500 (1st of 2 readings) g.APPROPRIATION:Funding Requirements for SAP Integration for the FASTER Fleet Management Software - $48,000 (1st of 2 readings) h.ORDINANCE:Amend Charlottesville City Code Section 15-131(Motor Vehicles and Traffic) (2nd of 2 readings) i.RESOLUTION:Alleys and Paper Streets Closing Policy (2nd of 2 readings) <br />CITY MANAGER RESPONSE TO COMMUNITY MATTERS (FROM PREVIOUS MEETINGS) COMMUNITY MATTERS <br />2. PUBLIC HEARING/RESOLUTION*: <br />Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Funding—1st Year Action Plan, FY 19- <br />20 (1st of 1 reading) PASSED 4-1 (Walker – No) <br />Priority Neighborhood Funds for Belmont FY 19-20 (1st of 1 reading) RESOLUTION PASSED 5-0 <br />3.PUBLIC HEARING/ORDINANCE: <br />Amend Conditions for Closing a Portion of the Coleman Street Right of Way (Unaccepted ROW)(1st of 2 readings) <br />4. REPORT:Update from City Manager’s Advisory on Organizational Equity <br />5. REPORT:Charlottesville Retirement Fund and Divestment Considerations <br />6. ORDINANCE*:Homeowner Tax Relief Grant Program – 2019 (1st of 1 reading) PASSED 5-0 <br />7. RESOLUTION*:Support of Federal Legislation for a Carbon Fee & Dividend Policy to Address Climate Change (1st of 1 reading) PASSED 5-0 <br />8. RESOLUTION*:Support of Key Focus Areas to Address in the City of Charlottesville Climate Action Plan (1st of 1 <br />reading) PASSED 5-0 <br />9. RESOLUTION*:Request for Approval for the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (CRHA) to <br />establish the Charlottesville Community Development Corporation (CCDC) (1st of 1 reading) PASSED 5-0 <br />10. REPORT:Charlottesville Supplemental Rental Assistance Program (CSRAP) RESOLUTION PASSED 5-0 <br />11. REPORT:Residents On-the-job-training program (ROJTP) RESOLUTION PASSED 5-0 <br />12. REPORT:West Main Streetscape Project Update RESOLUTION PASSED 4-1 (Walker – No) <br />OTHER BUSINESS MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC <br />*ACTION NEEDED