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MINUTES <br /> <br />City of Charlottesville Electoral Board <br />Meeting of February 2, 2017 <br /> <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by the chair at 5:45 p.m. in the office of the General <br />Registrar. Those present were Electoral Board members Anne Hemenway (Chair) Jon <br />Bright (Vice Chair) and Jim Nix (Secretary), General Registrar Rosanna Bencoach, <br />Deputy Registrar Katie Mauller and Assistant Registrar Patrick Cory. <br /> <br />On a motion by the chair, seconded by the vice-chair, the agenda was approved <br />unanimously without change. <br /> <br />On a motion by the vice-chair, seconded by the secretary, the minutes of the November <br />8-14 meeting were approved unanimously after incorporation of several minor <br />corrections suggested by the General Registrar. The minutes of the December 14 <br />meeting were also reviewed and approved unanimously with a single correction <br />recommended by the secretary. <br /> <br />November 8 election review <br /> <br />The board conducted a line-by-line review of a memorandum outlining Electoral Board <br />recommendations for improvements and changes to procedures for the conduct of <br />elections and election canvasses. This memorandum, prepared by the chair, <br />consolidated comments provided by the three Electoral Board members. A copy of the <br />memorandum is attached to these minutes. <br /> <br />Elections Director Report <br /> <br />The Assistant Registrar and Elections Director, Melissa Morton, was unable to attend <br />this meeting due to illness but she did provide a written report to the Electoral Board. <br />One item in that report requiring board action was a recommendation to phase out the <br />position of equipment specialist. This position was established to facilitate the transition <br />to unfamiliar new voting equipment but, after three successful elections with the new <br />equipment, Melissa believes this position is no longer necessary. Specialized training in <br />the set up and take down of the equipment will still be conducted and chief election <br />officers would be instructed to send two or three election officials from each precinct to <br />this training. These individuals would be paid for the time spent in the additional training <br />but their election day pay would be at the $180 rate for regular election officials rather <br />than the $205 equipment specialist rate. In conjunction with this change Melissa <br />recommended that the board raise the pay of the research specialists from $180 to <br />$205 in recognition of the additional skills and training required for these positions.