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<br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />City of Charlottesville Electoral Board <br />Meeting of December 5, 2017 <br /> <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 5:50 p.m. in the office of the <br />Charlottesville General Registrar. Those present were Electoral Board members Anne <br />Hemenway (Chair), Jon Bright (Vice Chair), and Jim Nix (Secretary), General Registrar, <br />Rosanna Bencoach, Deputy Registrar Katie Mauller and Assistant Registrars Melissa <br />Morton and Paul Boggs. <br /> <br />On a motion by the Chair, seconded by the Vice-chair, the agenda was approved <br />unanimously with a single change to the sequence of discussion topics. <br /> <br />On a motion by the Chair, seconded by the Vice Chair, the minutes of the October 16, <br />and November 7-13, 2017 meetings were approved unanimously without change. <br /> <br />Public Comment <br /> <br />No members of the public were present for this meeting. <br /> <br />Review of Ballot Printing Procedures <br /> <br />Assistant Registrar Paul Boggs provided the board with copies of a draft document <br />containing detailed recommendations concerning policies and procedures governing in- <br />house ballot printing. Mr. Boggs led a discussion summarizing the major points of the <br />document including personnel, equipment, security and legal considerations. Mr. Boggs <br />was the principal member of the office staff engaged in printing the ballots for the recent <br />general election and his recommendations are based on his experience in what was the <br />first election using only in-house ballot printing. This document remains a work in <br />progress with changes anticipated following the upgrade to Hart Verity 2.0 software <br />early in 2018. The board members thanked Mr. Boggs and commended him on his <br />efforts to rationalize and document this vital activity. <br /> <br />Report of the General Registrar <br /> <br />Ballot Printing - Based on his experience with printing ballots for the General Election <br />and reports from several precincts of ballots not scanning on Election Day, the <br />Secretary had recommended a return to the use of 28 pound paper for ballots. The <br />Registrar reported that a source for high-quality paper of this weight has been located <br />adding that the cost was actually lower than that of the 24 pound paper used in the <br />recent election.