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Minutes, October 8, 2019 P a g e | 1 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />City of Charlottesville Electoral Board <br />Meeting of October 8, 2019 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by the Vice Chair at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 8, <br />in the office of the Charlottesville General Registrar. Those present were Electoral <br />Board members Jon Bright (Vice Chair) and Jim Nix (Secretary), Director of Elections <br />and General Registrar Melissa A. Morton, Assistant Registrar Jamie Virostko and <br />Deputy Registrar Martin Mash. <br /> <br />On a motion by the Vice Chair, seconded by the Secretary, the agenda was <br />unanimously approved without change. <br /> <br />On a motion by the Vice Chair, seconded by the Secretary, the minutes of the <br />September 16, 2019 and September 26, 2019 were unanimously approved without <br />change. <br /> <br />Public Comment <br /> <br />No members of the public were present for this meeting. <br /> <br />Appointment of Officers of Election <br /> <br />Mr. Mash presented applications for eight individuals wishing to become officers of <br />election. The board reviewed the applications and, on a motion by the Secretary, <br />seconded by the Vice Chair, the following were unanimously approved for appointment <br />to a three-year term: <br /> <br />John T. Black <br />Arnitha N. Brown <br />Carolyn D. Cooper <br />Jeffrey P. Gregerson <br />Jackie Lombardo <br />Barbara Shenefield <br />Marc A. Turner <br />Dawn Woodford <br /> <br />Officer of Election Compensation <br /> <br />The Board members and Ms. Morton have agreed to return to the traditional system of <br />compensating Officers of Election on a daily flat-rate basis rather than at an hourly rate. <br />Following some discussion on potential daily compensation rates, it was agreed that