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Minutes, April 7, 2020 P a g e | 1 <br /> <br />MINUTES <br /> <br />City of Charlottesville Electoral Board <br />Meeting of April 7, 2020 <br /> <br />The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7. In order <br />to comply with State and local restrictions on assembly imposed due to the coronavirus <br />threat this meeting was held via video conference. Technical limitations of the system <br />and varying levels of connectivity by participants significantly compromised the <br />discussions among the Board members and the staff and limited the scope of issues <br />covered. Those present were Electoral Board members Anne Hemenway (Chair), Jon <br />Bright (Vice Chair) and Jim Nix (Secretary), Director of Elections and General Registrar <br />Melissa A. Morton, Deputy Registrar Martin Mash and Voter Registration Manager <br />Jamie Virostko. <br /> <br />On a motion by the Chair, seconded by the Vice Chair, the agenda was unanimously <br />approved without change. <br /> <br />Public Comment <br /> <br />Several members of the public joined the video conference as observers. None made <br />any comments but several questions, posed in text messages, were answered by the <br />participants. <br /> <br />Report of the General Registrar <br /> <br />Melissa A. Morton reported that Dan Moy has been appointed as the new Chair of the <br />Republican Party. <br /> <br />Appointment of Officers of Election <br /> <br />Prior to the meeting Mr. Mash had emailed to the board members PDF copies of <br />applications for seven individuals wishing to be appointed as officers of election. The <br />Board reviewed the applications. The Secretary expressed reservations about one of <br />the applicants who had not answered the question regarding prior employment and <br />volunteer activities. Mr. Mash offered to contact the applicant to request additional <br />information. The Chair then moved to appoint the other six applicants. The Vice Chair <br />seconded and, on a unanimous vote the following were appointed to a three-year term: <br /> <br />Diane Marie Badar <br />Jennifer DeBell <br />Shelia Marie Eubanks <br />Alicia Lee