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<br />NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING <br /> <br />A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY COUNCIL WILL BE <br />HELD ON Tuesday, April 10, 2007 AT 6:30 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference <br />Room. <br /> <br />THE PROPOSED AGENDA IS AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />nd <br /> ORDINANCE: Annual Tax Levy (2 reading) <br />nd <br /> APPROPRIATION: Annual Budget Appropriation (2 reading) <br /> <br />BY ORDER OF THE MAYOR BY Jeanne Cox <br /> <br />Second Floor Conference Room – April 10, 2007 <br /> <br /> Council met in special session on this date with the following members present: <br />Dr. Brown, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Norris, Mr. Taliaferro. <br /> <br />nd <br />ORDINANCE <br />: ANNUAL TAX LEVY (2 reading) <br /> <br /> Mr. Norris made a motion to amend the Annual Tax Levy Ordinance to a rate of <br />$.95 for real property, mobile homes, and public service corporation property, and Ms. <br />Hamilton seconded the motion. <br /> <br /> The Annual Tax Levy Ordinance was amended by the following vote. Ayes: Dr. <br />Brown, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Norris, Mr. Taliaferro. Noes: Mr. Lynch. <br /> <br /> Mr. Lynch said he appreciates that Council was able to get the tax rate down by <br />four cents. He said as he has mentioned before he thinks we have plenty of latitude to cut <br />another couple of cents. He said the base line budget would be up 6% if there were no <br />new programs. He said there are some programs a majority of residents could support, <br />and he could see an 8% increase, but he thinks at a 10% increase it is higher than it <br />should be. <br /> <br /> The ordinance entitled “AN ORDINANCE TO ESTABLISH THE ANNUAL <br />TAX LEVY ON VARIOUS CLASSES OF PROPERTY FOR THE PAYMENT OF <br />INTEREST AND RETIREMENT OF THE CITY DEBT, FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE <br />CITY GOVERNMENT AND CITY SCHOOLS, AND FOR OTHER PUBLIC <br />nd <br />PURPOSES,” as amended, which was offered at the April 2 meeting, was approved by <br />the following vote. Ayes: Dr. Brown, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Norris, Mr. Taliaferro. Noes: <br />Mr. Lynch. <br /> <br />nd <br />APPROPRIATION <br />: ANNUAL BUDGET APPROPRIATION (2 reading) <br /> <br /> Mr. Norris made a substitute motion to approve the Annual Budget Appropriation <br />with a total City budget of $134,662,800, School budget of $66,078,263, and Capital <br />Improvement Budget of $21,269,219, and Ms. Hamilton seconded the motion. <br /> <br /> The substitute motion was approved by the following vote. Ayes: Dr. Brown, <br />Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Norris, Mr. Taliaferro. Noes: Mr. Lynch. <br /> <br /> Mr. Taliaferro said that in the interest of full disclosure he is disclosing that he is <br />a member of the City’s retirement system, but feels that he can vote on the budget in an <br />unbiased manner. <br /> <br /> Mr. Lynch said he is aware he has been on the losing end of some of the <br />discussions about where to cut. He said he hopes we can agree that by making a number <br />of substantial improvements and expenditures for the benefit of City department, they <br />ought to result in either operational efficiencies or better services. For example, he said <br />we ought to be able to show that the police laptops have really accomplished something. <br />He said the same thing can be said for CityLink. He said SAP is one of the best systems <br />in the country, and whether or not we needed to have the best system available is <br /> <br />