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<br /> <br /> 48 <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER – February 21, 2006 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present: <br />Dr. Brown, Mr. Caravati, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Schilling. <br /> <br />ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> <br /> Dr. Brown called attention to the Vinegar Hill exhibit at Jefferson School. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> Ms. Naomi Roberts, 1140 St. Clair Avenue Ext., said that senior citizens are being <br />priced out of their homes. She said the value of her property is being affected by rental <br />property that is not properly maintained. She also expressed concern that Council may <br />change retirement benefits for City retirees. <br /> <br /> Mr. Bill Emory, 1604 Market Street, presented a petition regarding cut-through <br />traffic on Franklin Street. Mr. Emory asked that Council look into the tonnage, nature <br />and quantity of this traffic. <br /> <br /> Ms. Betty Jo Dominick, 1610 East Market Street, said she has been active in <br />trying to get Franklin Street altered. She said loud trucks and speeding is a problem and <br />she asked Council for help. <br /> <br /> Ms. Tatyanna Patton, 2209 Jefferson Park Avenue, requested that McIntire Park <br />be made available for a major Earth Week Festival this year and that it be approved as a <br />community event. <br /> <br />nd <br /> Mr. Richard Berman, 205 2 Street, N.W., said his assessment has increased 65% <br />in four years, and land assessments are out of line. He asked that Council look into the <br />way assessments are done. <br /> <br /> Ms. Alia Anderson, 1517 Broad Avenue, representing Alliance for Community <br />Choice in Transportation (ACCT), said that the planned sidewalk extension on Locust <br />Avenue between Calhoun and Smith Street provides an opportunity for the City to <br />develop guidelines and criteria for sidewalks, to include maximizing safety and use of <br />land and preservation of mature trees. She said there should be clear and frequent <br />communication. <br /> <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br /> Mr. Schilling removed the City Manager’s Work Plan from the consent agenda. <br /> <br /> Ms. Hamilton removed the appropriations for the Gang ID and Prevention <br />Training Grant and Truancy Grant from the consent agenda. <br /> <br /> On motion by Mr. Lynch, seconded by Ms. Hamilton, the following consent <br />agenda items were approved by the following vote. Ayes: Dr. Brown, Mr. Caravati, Ms. <br />Hamilton, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Schilling (except that Mr. Caravati voted no on the <br />appropriation of Albemarle County’s share for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations <br />Court renovations and Mr. Schilling abstained from voting on the Juvenile and Domestic <br />Relations Court renovation appropriation because he did not support the underlying <br />agreement). Noes: Mr. Caravati on the appropriation for the Juvenile and Domestic <br />Relations Court renovations. Abstaining: Mr. Schilling on the appropriation for the <br />Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court renovations. <br /> <br />a. Minutes of January 26 and February 6 <br /> <br />nd <br />APPROPRIATION <br />b. : $2,700 – DUI Enforcement Grant (2 reading) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />