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48~ <br />M" I NUTE~ 0~ TuF P'EET I N~ OE TuE F I ^; "NCE CCU"M. I TTCF nF TuE CITY C'F <br />CNARI.OTTC"~~rt!_"' url D nT '~: n'C!_CCK ?. ~".s E.S. T, A~'ZI I n ~ 1 aF1 , <br />A r~rLTING nF THE FIhInNCE COt;MITT~~ ^F THE CITE DF CHARLOTTESVI!F +•1nS HE~n <br /> I N THE CnI~NC I L CHAMR~R ^ T THE CITY I-IAl.! AT ~, ^~ ~', ;.j, "~, T, nN THE NTH n4v <br /> nF AdR I L. n, 1 ~Fi PitRSUti"!T Tn A Cn t ! BY THE CNn I RM4n1, FAR TNT ntiRon~,c OF <br /> RECFIVIN AND ~nNSiDERING SEALED RIDS Fr'~R THE PtiRCHnS F OF ~~ ~~ ~n~,~~ CITE <br /> OF CN.4RL.OT7~SY11 l.E r~NERP L IMPR--+JFMFNT RANDS, SCR I FG OF ~ OF1 ",'t TH THE <br />MIN!1TrS OE MrrTIN~? FC`Llr'b!IN6 MFMBER~ PR~S~NT: ~•~R. SEE AND ~Q, I"11CH1~. ABSENT: 1"R. NAGO~RTY. <br />nE FINANCE COMMITTEE Rte' <br />S^Nn SALE THE CHAIRMAN, MR, MIC ANn ;'•,R, ,)A~, <br />HIE, PRESInED ROW FN <br />CITY <br />.~R <br /> ~ ~ <br />. <br /> r~"AN1rDR, ~-JnS DESIGNATED TO ACT AS SECRFTAP.Y ^F TH~ ti"~ ETING. <br />A COPS OF THE ~)OTICE OF °CND SALE nF kF~~,n^n, nn ('ITY OF <br />CHAR~_O'.TESVII_Lr GENERAL IMPRnvPnnFNT RONDS~ SERFS OF ~n~l tdAS PRESFNTPn, <br />THE CHAIRMAN STATED THAT THIS h.OTICF OF BOND SALT HnD BEEN PUBltSH'-D IN THE <br />nAtLY BnND BUYER ON N"ARCH ~~, 1~6~, AND HAD BEEN MAILED TD INTERESTED BnND <br />HOUSES. THE CH"IRMAN DIRECTED THE SECRETARY TO OPEN nN(, READ ?Ll. RIDS <br />RECEIVED SIP TO ~: ~C '?'CLOCK P, f~i. , E. S,T, AND Tn RECORD THE SArnF, THE FOLI_nW I NG <br />BIDS ••'~RF RECEIVED: <br />KIDDER INTEREST RATE AMOItNT <br />':".'nOH^Vln RANK :Q TRUST COMPANY T MAT, ~,~ <br />1'? MAT. ~.~'~ dFn^ /)Rr~.nn <br />~ ~ _ <br />THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO <br />t.:10^D~ STRUTHERS ~ COMPANY 1~i MAT. ~.^ <br />Q MAT. '~ 7 J4/ inn 7r~r~ nn <br />PHELPS. FENN ~ CO. <br />MASON-NeGArJ, INC. In MAT. ~~ <br />RIDS SUBMITTED S MAT. ~.~~ F^1,Q~1,~~ <br />BOND SA t_E <br />MORGnN GUARANTY TR++ST CO'M'PANY OF NE!d YORK <br />HORNFQ+ RARKSDALE R CnMPANY ~S MAT. ?,G <br />~ M4T. -~.Prjal. Sn~ ~ 11 Ci.!~n <br />CST4BROOK ~ CO.,NEw YORK N. Y, <br />EOl11TABl.~ SEC. CDRP„ NEW YORK. ~ Y, <br />F. ':vt. CPAIGIE R Cn. RICHMOND, VA, ld MAT. ~~ <br />F MAT, ?,?~ C•"'1 ,ri7R,nr` <br />ANDERSON ~ STRUD\•~ I CK ", ~ ~ C."^, ^FiF ^^ <br />~. I. `~LIPONT ~ Cn, <br />~~E(`PLES (V4TIONAI. ~-ANK rE <br />CHARLOTTESVI LI_E R MAT. ?, l ri <br />~~ MAT. ?.1~ F')`~,(!7~.~~1 <br />BAhIKERS TRUST C^MPANY <br />SAI nh1ON BROS. ~ Nl1TZ1_ER <br />SCOTT Rc STRINGF~LLO+•' ~ MAT. n,R <br />1.~ reAT. ~ ~~ ~!1~^ Q7(1 7~1 <br />-• ~ <br />SMITH EARNFY ~ Cn, <br />C. F. CnCSELI 8c Cn, 1? tear, <br />CHEMICAL RAN! CIE'+1 YORK TRUST Cnh"P4NY & ASSOCIATE <br />1^ MAT. ~0~ <br />T MAT. -i_1 !101 C,'?1 n7n.!~n <br />HARRIS TRUST nN~ SAVINGS [34NK <br />?n '"BALL STREET <br />~)FW VOPK 5,")FW YCRu 1 ~ MAT. ~~ <br />7 MAT. ~-1 ~d~ Fr~,'1 774 , ~7 <br />'~')nTION4t SANK ~ TRUST CO, <br />+,^IYL L I E AND THORNH) I L A INC. ?-1 ~4°f 5^..'1~~0.r~, nn <br />AFTER CONSIDERATION OF SAID BIDS IT b,'AS OFT~RMINFD THnT THE BID OF <br />WACHOVIA DANK ~' TRUST COMPANY AS LISTED BELOW) +•14S THE HI^HEST BI'? RECEIVED, <br />A MOTION BY MR. MICH1~~ SEC~NDFD BY i•)R, LEA THAT THIS BID BE ACCEPTED <br />SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION BY THE CnUNCIL, WAS'UNANIMnIJSI_Y ADOPTED: <br />APRIL ~ . ~ aF+~ <br />THE FINANCE COMMITTEE OF THE <br />CITY nF CH4RLOTTESVIIIE <br />CHARLOTTES+~ILLE, VIRGINIA <br />D~-AR cIRS: <br />FAR THE ~5-",n,~C~.~n CITY nF CH4RLnTTESVILLE. ~JIRGINIA, C'ENFRnL <br />R I n - ',"IA rF{nV I A R ~ n,itf ~ I M°RDVFMENT BONDS, SFR I F5 ^F 1 DF1 nESCR I BED I N THE ATTACHED NnT I CE OF BOND <br />TRUST CO. S41 E, 4~H 1 t'H I S HEREBY h?AnF ~ PART' nF THIS RID, 4JE SUBr~ i T THE FOi 1 O+d I NG nFFER <br />THE BIDDER ~+~ILL FILL. IN WHEY nNE OF THE TWO ALTERNATE RIDS ^PO'rIDED 9~lOW <br />ANO CROSS OL)T THE nTHEP`: <br />~~~ FnR THE FIRST 7 MATURITIES BEA.RIN; INTEREST nT THE RATE nF <br />~.5rpf, PER 4NNl1M AND THr Rah+~,Ih!ING 1~ MATI~RITIFS BEARING INTEREST AT THE RATS' <br />OF ~ 1 "°~ RER ANNUM; WE l•/ 1 ! L P 1Y ~ I X NUNDRFn THOUSAND FOUR Hl1NnRFD E I GHTY AND <br />Vin, 1~(.o-~Fn"~/1Rn.nn~ nl+1S nrnRtlFU I"tT^R~ST FROM THE GATE nF THE PONDS T^ THE <br />nnTE ^E DELIVERY. <br />I,:E ENCLOSE HERE4IIT`~ A DULY OERTIFIED OR CASHIrRS' CHECK PAYABLE T(' <br />