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16 <br /> <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER - July 19, 2004 <br /> <br /> Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present: <br />Dr. Brown, Mr. Caravati, Ms. Hamilton, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Schilling. <br /> <br /> Ms. Judy Mueller, Director of Public Works, introduced Thomas Frederick, the <br />new director of Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and Rivanna Solid Waste Authority. <br /> <br />AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS: PAROLE, PROBATION AND COMMUNITY <br />SUPERVISION WEEK PROCLAMATION <br /> <br /> Dr. Brown presented the Parole, Probation and Community Supervision Week <br />proclamation to Pat Smith of OAR. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> Mr. Peter Kleeman, 407 Hedge Street, expressed concern about the safety of the <br />metal drainage covers on 5th Street, S.E., which have been installed as part of the Court <br />Square renovation. <br /> <br /> Mr. Dave Phillips, Chairman of the Save the Fireworks Foundation Committee, <br />thanked the City for its assistance with the Fourth of July fireworks and celebration. <br /> <br /> Ms. Mary MacNeil, 1503 Rosa Terrace, asked Council to put microphones back <br />on the aisles in Council Chamber. <br /> <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br /> <br /> Mr. Lynch removed the resolution authorizing the cost share agreement for <br />Hedgerow Properties from the consent agenda. <br /> <br /> Mr. Schilling removed the rezoning of Commerce Street property from the <br />consent agenda. <br /> <br /> On motion by Mr. Lynch, seconded by Ms. Hamilton, the following consent <br />agenda items were approved by the following vote. Ayes: Dr. Brown, Mr. Caravati, Ms. <br />Hamilton, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Schilling (except that Mr. Caravati voted no on the minutes of <br />July 6, and Dr. Brown and Ms. Hamilton abstained from approved of the minutes of May <br />17, 28, June 21, 22, 23, 28). Noes: None (except Mr. Caravati who voted no on the <br />minutes of July 6). Abstaining: Dr. Brown and Ms. Hamilton on the minutes of May 17, <br />28, June 21, 22, 23, 28). <br /> <br />a. Minutes of May 17 and 28, June 21, 22, 23, 28, July 1 and 6 <br /> <br />APPROPRIATION: $138,047 - Terrorism Prevention Program Grant <br /> (2nd reading) <br /> <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Charlottesville, Virginia, that <br />the sum of $138,047 received as a grant from the Virginia Department of Criminal <br />Justice Services is herby appropriated to account 11-270-041190-50111 in the Grants <br />Fund. <br /> <br />c. APPROPRIATION: $69,186 - School Construction Grant (2nd reading) <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of <br />Charlottesville, Virginia, that $69,186 is hereby appropriated to account code 24-181- <br />081033-43308 in the School Capital Fund. <br /> <br />APPROPRIATION: $31,749 - Juvenile Accountability Block Grant <br /> (carried over) <br /> <br /> <br />