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416 <br />An ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND REENACTING SUB-PARAGRAPH 20 <br />Welfare Report presented <br />ENTITLED `WALL SIGNS "' which was offered at the meeting of the Council on June 13, <br />1960, was adopted by the following recorded vote. Ayes: Mr. Coleman, Mr. Davis, <br />Mr. Michie, Mr. Scribner, and Mr. Weinberg. Noes: None. <br />The Welfare Report for month of May, 1960 was presented and ordered filed <br />with the minutes of this meeting. <br />On motion the meeting adjourned. <br />Ordinance adopted re: <br />Wall Signs <br />OF SECTION 28-2 OF CHAPTER 28 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF CHARLOTTESVILLE, 1959 <br />. <br />esident <br />COUNCIL CHAMBER - JUNE 27, 1960 <br />1 <br />Clerk , <br />Pursuant to the following call: <br />June 27 , 1960 <br />Mr. A. C. Coleman <br />Mr . R. M. Davi s <br />Mr. T. J. Michie <br />Mr. L. L. Scribner <br />Mr. S. B. Weinberg <br />TAKE NOTICE <br />A special meeting of the Council will be held this afternoon <br />the 27th inst. at 2:00 o'clock. <br />1. Joint Public Hearing with Charlottesville Redevelopment and <br />Housing Authority re: Vinegar Hill Urban Renewal Project <br />bounded generally by Main Street, Fourth Street, N. W., and <br />Preston Avenue. <br />2. Resolution approving Urban Renewal Project. <br />3. Resolution authorizing execution of Cooperation Agreement <br />with the Housing Authority. <br />4. Resolution re: Downtown Streets. <br />BY ORDER OF <br />J. S. Rush, Jr. (signed) T. J. Michie (signed) <br />Clerk President <br />A special meeting of the Council was held on this date with the following <br />members present: Mr. Coleman, Mr. Davis, Mr. Michie, Mr. Scribner, and Mr, <br />Weinberg. Absent: None. <br />A public hearing was held on this date jointly with the Charlottesville <br />Joint Public Hearing <br />with Housing Authority <br />re: Urban Renewal Project <br />Redevelopment and Housing Authority whose members present were as follows: <br />Mr. E. R. Slaughter, Mr. E. Thornton Tayloe, Mr. E. L. Turner, Mr. R. P. <br />Englander and Mr. R. E. Lee, Jr. <br />The purpose of the hearing was to consider the proposal of the Charlottes- <br />ville Redevelopment and Housing Authority to undertake an Urban Renewal Project <br />in the Vinegar Hill area of Charlottesville, Virginia. The proposed project <br />entailed the acquisition of all property within the project area, the demolition <br />and clearance of all improvements within the project area, the installation and <br />construction of streets and utilities in accordance with the Urban Renewal Plan <br />within the project area, and the disposition of the remaining portion of the land <br />for private commercial undertaking. <br />