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312 <br /> <br />Presentation re: <br />Committee <br /> <br />Presentation re: <br />Martha Jefferson <br />Hospital Impact <br />Study <br /> <br />Staff Report re: <br />Minimum Wage <br />Approval <br /> <br />Staff.Report re: <br />Economic Develop- <br />ment - Policy <br />Statement &_proposed <br />Ordinance <br /> <br />Tourism Mr. Ed McCue, III, Chairman of the Joint City-County <br /> Committee on Tourism presented an interim report of the committee. <br /> He stated that the tenative general conclusions are as follows: <br /> there should be an expansion of the existing tourism promotion <br /> and tourist information services in Charlottesville and Albemarle <br /> County; these programs should Be jointly funded by contributions <br /> from the business community and appropriations from the City and <br /> County; a separate section within the Charlottesville-Albemarle <br /> Chamber of Commerce should be established to undertake the over <br /> all direction, coordination and management of tourism promotion; <br /> within this section there should be at least one pr'ofessional <br /> staff person who can devote one hundred percent of their time <br /> and efforts to tourism promotion; and a committee of persons <br /> including representatives from the Charlottesville City Council, <br /> the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, local tourist attractions, <br /> the restaurant association, the motel association and interested <br /> civic groups should be formally established to oversee the operation <br /> of and to provide policy guidance to the proposed section of the <br /> Chamber of Commerce. <br /> <br /> Mr. Warren Martin, a member of the City Planning Commission <br /> presente'd the Martha Jefferson Impact Study° He stated that the <br /> study was conducted at the requests of City. Council and the City <br /> Planning Commission in light of the to be completed expansion of <br /> the Martha Jefferson Hospital and the purpose of the study was <br /> to indentify both the existing and resulting needs of such an <br /> expansion on the Martha Jefferson Hospital area in order to help <br /> both the hospital and its surrounding community to better meet <br /> the needs in the present and in the future. He stated that there <br /> are twenty-five recommendations contained in the report and that <br /> the Planning Commission has adopted the report and requested <br /> Council to implement as many of the recommendations as possible. <br /> The Mayor set a work session to discuss this report for January <br /> 30, 1978. <br /> <br /> The City Manager presented a revised report on.the cost of <br /> implementing the federal minimum wage. He stated that the cost <br /> if seasonal personnel are not included would be $36,600 over the <br /> next four-years and recommended that the Council adopt the <br /> policy of'paying the federal minimum wage except to summer <br /> recreation personnel. Mr. Gatewood asked if this couldn't be <br /> considered with the overall budget rather than taking action <br /> now. Mr. Hendrix stated that it is the present policy of the <br /> City to pay present minimum wage and if no action is taken this <br /> pdlicy. Wonld'be Continued. A motion by Mr.Fife, seconded by <br /> Mr. Brunton that the City not pay the m£nimum wage to the <br /> classification of Recreation Aide I, was unanimously adopted. <br /> <br /> A resolution stating the policy of the City regarding <br /> Economic Development, as .prepared by the staff, was presented <br /> And discussed. The'Mayor also presented a proposed resolution <br /> and policy statement which'she stated Clearly outlined the <br /> proposed goals and objectives which Were previously discussed. <br /> <br /> <br />