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114 <br /> <br /> It was the consensus of Council to reaffirm the <br /> resolution adopted in 1988 and no action was taken on the <br /> request to,recommend tax exempt status to the Association for <br /> Retarded Citizens for their property at 1t00 Locust Avenue. <br /> <br />STAFF REPORT: MARTHA JEFFERSON HOSPITAL IMPACT STUDY <br /> <br /> Mr. Satyendra Huja, Director of Community Development, <br /> explained that the original Martha Jefferson Hospital Impact <br /> Study was conducted in 1977 and was reviewed last year to see <br /> what changes had occurred and if changes needed to be made in <br /> the original recommendations. Mr. Huja reviewed the <br /> backgroundand noted the following changes~in the study area: <br /> significant increase in office use, with residential use <br /> declining accordingly; decrease in owner occupied units and <br /> rental units remaining constant; decrease in population; <br /> significant increase in parking; increase in.traffic on ~ <br /> Locust and High Streets; and an increase in Martha Jefferson <br /> Hospital staff. <br /> <br /> Mr. Huja reviewed the following recommendations made by <br />the Martha Jefferson Hospital~Area Task Force: 1) maintain <br />office use designation for 528 Locust Avenue and 501, 504, <br />505, 506, 521, and 525 GroVe Avenue;~2) maintain office use~ <br />designation for 320, 321, 322, 323, and 325 tlth Street, <br />N.E.; 3) change the designation from commercial or industrial <br />to residential for 210 t0th~St., N.E., 206, 207 and 211 llth <br />Street,. N.~E., Virginia Power Substation, and 1007, 1009, <br />1011, 1015, 1017, 1101, 1103, 1105, and 1107 E. Market <br />Street; 4) widen East High Street to three lanes with center <br />lane reserved for turns~between 9th Street, N.E. and Long <br />Street; 5) undertake traffic control improvements in <br />neighborhoods adjacent~to the Martha Jefferson Hospital <br />office~area to help control speeding and cut-through <br />activity; and 6) make sidewalk/curb or, curb and gutter <br />improvements to provide for safe pedestrian access in the <br />area and to control drainage. <br /> <br /> Responding to a question from Ms, Waters, Mr. Huja <br />stated that no vote had been taken on drainage priorities. <br /> <br /> Ms. Waters stated that she felt a traffic count on Little <br />High Street might be beneficial since it is becoming a major <br />cut-through. <br /> <br /> Mr. Toscano questioned how the R-lA designation, if <br />adopted, would affect the neighborhoods surrounding <br />Martha Jefferson Hospital and Mr, Huja replied that he-felt <br />R-lA would help stabilize what presently exists in the <br />neighborhood, c <br /> <br /> Mr. Ed Travis of 724 Locust Avenue, expressed his <br />support of the study, particularly with regard to <br />maintaining the office designation for the 500 block of Grove <br />Avenue. Mr, Travis stated that a poll was taken of the six <br />properties-and five owners favored maintaining the B~i ~ <br />designation and a larger poll was taken of 100 neighborhood <br />association members, with 90 responding and 75 persons <br />favoring maintaining the~office designation. Mr. Travis <br />stated that he felt it was beneficial to have medical offices <br />in the neighborhood which were~better than absentee <br />landlords. Mr. Travis stated that he felt there were <br />adequate safeguards in place which would prevent demolition <br />of the residential buildings. <br /> <br /> Ms. Monica LeBeau, President of the Martha Jefferson <br />Hospital Neighborhood Association and a member of the Task <br />Force, presented a minority view for recommendation number <br />one of the report. Ms. LeBeau stated that she felt the <br />bottom line question befores.Council was-whether the <br />Hospital's perceived needs for close by B-1 property is more <br />important than protecting the neighborhood and listed the <br /> <br /> <br />