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264 <br /> <br />Special session <br /> <br />Resolution re: <br />Appeal to State <br />Water Control Board <br />re: Crozet Inter- <br />ceptor <br /> <br />Joint Public Hearing <br />with City Planning <br />Commission re: <br />Special permit request <br />for recreational <br />facility at 8th and <br />Farrish Streets <br /> <br />Regular session <br /> <br />Approval of minutes <br /> <br />Matters by the <br />public <br /> <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS - TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1980 <br /> <br />Council met in special session on tkis date with the <br /> <br />following members present; Mr. Albro, Mr. Brunton, Mr. Buck, <br /> <br />Mr. Gatewood, Mrs. O~Brien. Noes: None, <br /> <br />On motion by Mr. Alhro~ seconded by 'Mr. Buck, Council <br /> <br />unanimously adopted the following resolution: <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, in 1971, the State Water Control Board through <br />Minute 6I. directed the County of Albemarl~ and the City of <br />Charlottesville to comhine efforts and seek a regional~ <br />solution to water and wastewater problems; and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, in 1972, the Rivanna Water end Sewer Authority was <br />formedin response to this directive, ma=king the beginning <br />of a significant commitment by the coUnty, the City And <br />the State to a Pollution abatement program in the Rivanna <br />River basinl and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS this commitment has resultedlin expediture of time <br />and funds for studies and programs which have been incorporated <br />into the'Metropolitan Regional.Wastewate~ Management Plan, the <br /> <br />James River Basin Plan and the Rivanna WE <br />Plan, each of which identifies the eutro~ <br />water supply for the County and City .in ti <br />River reservoir and which further identif~ <br />sanitary sewer (the Crozet Interceptor) f~ <br />of Crozet to the regional Advanced Wastew <br />and <br /> <br />;ershed Management <br />~ic condition of the <br />he South Rivanna <br />[es an intercepting <br />.~om the community <br />~ter Treatment Plant; <br /> <br /> WHEREAS the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and the Albemarle <br />County Service Authority entered into an agreement with Morton <br />Frozen Foods Division of ITT Continental Baking Company to <br />connect to the Crozet Interceptor and remove a point source <br />discharge contributing to the eutrophication of the water <br />supply reservoir, the agreement~havingceytain obligations <br />and time tables to make such a connectionlwhich haVe been <br />reported .to the State Water Control Boardl and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS the Crozet Interceptor will remove raw sewage discharges <br />presently flowing into thedrinking water supply and will further <br />complete~the final link in the pollution abatement program <br />commenced in 1973; now, therefore, be it <br /> <br />C - J~OIN~LY RESOLVED by the Board of SuPervisors of Albemarle <br />ountY and the City Council of the City of Charlottesville <br />that .the Boar.d and the Council join the. Rivanna Water and Sewer <br />Authority in zts appeal to the State Wate~ Control Board for <br />favorable consideration of placing the Crgzet Interceptor in <br />the FY 82,~85 Extended Planning Priority List as a divided project <br />for funding no later than FY 83 and FY 84 i~ order to meet th~ <br />obligations in the Morton agreement to comp] <br />wastewater management plan and to assure .gaz <br />the public investment in the regional waste~ <br /> Council met in joint session with th~ ~ <br />for the purpose of holding a public hearihg <br />request for a private, recreational facility <br />the property at 8th and Farrish Streets (sen <br /> <br /> On motion the meeting adjourned. <br /> <br /> ~ Clerk ~ ' Pre ~ddnt <br /> <br /> COUNCIL CHAMBERS - M <br />Council met in regular session on this <br />following members present: Mr. Albro, Mr. Br <br />Mr. Gatewood, Mrs. O'Brien. Absent: None. <br /> <br /> On motion by Mrs. O'Brien, seconded by <br />Council unanimously approved the minutes of <br />On motion by Mrs. O'Brien, seconded by Mr. A <br />unanimously approved the minutes of May 7 as <br /> <br /> Dr. Dan Spyker, Co-Director of the Pois~ <br />the University of Virginia, requested the ~o~ <br />resolution proclaiming June 1-7, 1980, as Po~ <br /> <br />mte the regional <br />ly utilization of <br />ater facilities. <br /> <br />lanning Commission <br />on a special permit <br /> <br /> to be located on <br />ior center). <br /> <br />DNDAY, MAY 19, 1980 <br /> <br />date with the <br />~nton, Mr. Buck, <br /> <br />~r. Gatewood, <br /> <br />~ay 5 as presented. <br />[bro, Council <br />presented. <br /> <br />~n Control Center at <br />~ncil to approve a <br />.son Prevention Week. <br /> <br /> <br />