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273 <br /> <br />Virginia Freedom of Information Act. <br /> · On motion the meeting adjourned.. ~ <br /> <br /> . er~ ~j ~ President~ ' ' <br /> <br />Regular session <br /> <br />Approval of minutes <br /> <br />Matters by the <br />public <br /> <br />Staff report re: <br />Carruthers Hall <br />transit proposal <br /> <br /> Council <br /> following me <br /> Mr. Gatewood <br /> <br /> Approva <br /> d~ferred for <br /> <br /> Mr. Ler. <br />requested an <br />Board for th, <br />with a memorl <br />explained thl <br />additional ~ <br />in moving a <br />filing requi <br />of printing, <br />expenses; adz <br />Mrs. O'Brien <br />was offered <br /> <br /> Mr. Will <br />Ms. Alicia L~ <br />month and re <br />with a black <br />testing scor~ <br />members on ti <br />representati¢ <br />Encouraging <br />need for bla <br />change takes <br />may be slowe~ <br />.commended the <br />Council for <br /> <br /> Mr. Bob <br />staff's propc <br />when it opens <br />Projected ope <br /> <br />COUNCIL CHAMBERS - MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1980 <br /> <br /> met in regular session on this date with the <br /> <br />~era present: Mr. Albro, Mr,. Brunton, Mr. Buck, <br /> Mra~ O~Brien, Absent: None, <br /> of tha minutes of'the May 19 meeting was <br /> <br /> amendments, <br /> <br />~y R. Hamlett, Jr., Chairman of the Electoral Board, <br /> <br /> appropriation of $6,588,10 to cover expenses of the <br /> <br /> remainder of the year. He provided Council members <br />ndum detailing the various needs for the funds and <br />~t several factors contributed to the need for <br /> <br />~nds; advertising and notification expenses incurred <br />~recinct from Lane High School to Rose Hill Drive; new <br />~ements by the State Board of Elections; increased costs <br /> <br /> advertising, signs and travel; mandated election workshop <br />titional registration sites and hours. On motion by <br /> <br /> seconded by Mr, Gatewood, the proposed appropriation <br /> <br />~nd carried over to the next meeting for consideration. <br />.iam S. Johnson requested that Council re-appoint <br />~o to the School Board when her term expires this <br />,lace Rev. Hailes, another outgoing black member, <br />appointee. He attributed recent improvements in <br />~s for black children to the presence of black <br />.e School Board and elaborated on the need for <br />,n of the hla=k community on the School Board. <br />ouncil to continue their recognition of this <br />k representation, he pointed out that educational <br /> <br />time and that improvements for the black community <br /> unless black representation continues. He <br /> work of Ms. Lugo on the School Board and thanked <br /> heir past support. <br /> <br />Stripling, Assistant City Man~ger,~presented.~he <br /> <br />sal to provide transit service to Carruthers Hall <br /> <br /> and asked Council's approval of the proposal. <br /> <br />ning of Carmuthers Hall is fall, 1980; the staff <br /> <br />proposes to u~e existing routes to provide a cost-effective <br />transit lter at,ye to the University for this service. The <br />proposal is compliance with recommendations made by the <br /> <br />Transit <br />offer <br />would be <br /> <br />Committee that existing transit providers <br /> <br />for new routes to keep costs down. The City <br /> <br />transit service on these routes anyway <br /> <br />and revenue g~ined through this contract would be in addition <br />to expected revenue along these routes; additional incurred <br /> <br /> <br />