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2 <br /> Mr. Taliaferro said it is a tremendous honor for a municipality to receive this <br />award. He said it takes a lot of work and is a continuing process. <br /> <br /> Dr. Brown presented the award to Fire Chief Charles Werner and several <br />members of the Fire Department. <br /> <br /> Dr. Brown said that Council approved the National Guard Deployment <br />Proclamation at its previous meeting. <br /> <br /> Mr. Norris said this proclamation was brought up late during the last meeting so <br />Council agreed to place it on this agenda. He read the proposed proclamation. <br /> <br /> Dr. Brown presented the Domestic Violence Awareness Month proclamation to a <br />representative of the Shelter for Help in Emergency. <br /> <br />PUBLIC <br /> <br /> Ms. Colette Hall, 101 Robertson Lane, said that people in the North Downtown <br />neighborhood think spending $50,000 on the design competition for the Water Street <br />surface parking lots is too expensive. She said it was requested that North Downtown <br />have a representative on the design jury, but the request was ignored. She said the jury <br />meets this weekend and she feels it is an outrage that that they have not been included. <br />She said it appears that Neighborhood Development Services is more about development <br />than neighborhoods. She asked Council to appoint a North Downtown resident to the <br />jury. <br /> <br /> Ms. Jackie Bryant, Executive Director of Children, Youth and Family Services <br />(CYFS), thanked Council for funding the fatherhood initiative. She said 46 dads have <br />already been connected with the program. <br /> <br /> Mr. Eddie Harris, Fatherhood Specialist for CYFS, said he has been doing a lot of <br />listening to fathers. He said he has been hearing that they have a lack of information. He <br />said he appreciates the opportunity to help. <br /> <br /> Ms. Anita Anderson, a resident of Earlysville, representing Preservation <br />Piedmont, expressed concern about the possible demolition of the Compton House by <br />Jefferson Scholars who have recently purchased the property. She said it is a beautiful <br />and important house. <br /> <br /> Ms. Betty Mooney, 201 Sunset Avenue, a member of Friends of Ragged <br />Mountain Natural Area, expressed concern about the proposed flooding of Ragged <br />Mountain natural area. She said a group of citizens have met with Councilors to look at <br />the issue of replacement land. She asked the following questions: does the City know the <br />real value of this land; has the City done a thorough on the ground environmental impact <br />study of this land; has the City given adequate time for study and public input of the loss <br />of the 142 acres of City owned land; has the City in co-operation with the County <br />developed a long term water conservation plan; and what are the present and future <br />implications both recreational and financial of losing this land? <br /> <br /> Ms. Margareta Douglas, 1859 Rivanna Farm, Albemarle County, said she owns <br />land on the North Fork of the Rivanna River. She said we should borrow $150 million to <br />drain and clean out the silt from the reservoir and increase water rates. <br /> <br /> Mr. Charles Weber, 601 Locust Avenue, applauded Council for trying to honor <br />the Monticello National Guard, but said the resolution fails to achieve that purpose by <br />advocating a draw down. He said the troops will not be impressed. He said the <br />resolution increases their peril and dishonors the soldiers. He said Council should <br />acknowledge and appreciate why they are fighting. He proposed substitute language for <br />a resolution. He referred to comments from the Daily Kos opposing the war. <br /> <br /> Ms. Tammy Londeree, 813 Locust Avenue, Apartment C, said that traffic rods <br />should be put on the 250 Bridge exit from Locust Avenue. She said she would have <br /> <br />