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2 <br /> Ms. Virginia Rounyokk, 6861 Castleberry Court, Crozet, spoke in favor of the <br />impeachment resolution. She said it is a local issue, not just national. She said 49% of <br />National Guard returning from Iraq have reported psychological problems, and said that <br />our local National Guard will soon be deployed. <br /> <br /> Ms. Sally Kate Park, 1739 Old Brood Road, spoke in favor of the impeachment <br />resolution and said it is part of our democratic process. <br /> <br />th <br /> Mr. Max Eshleman, 1415 B Short 18 Street, urged Council to support the <br />resolution to bring President Bush and Vice President Cheney to justice. <br /> <br /> Mr. William Anderson, 109 Quincelu, asked Council to support the impeachment <br />resolution and said people are suffering because of the immoral war in Iraq. <br /> <br /> Mr. Mark Kavit, 400 Altamont Street, said it has become routine for trash to fall <br />off trash trucks. He said a better job was done when the City collected the trash. He said <br />he hopes Council supports permit parking for Altamont Street. <br /> <br /> Mr. Kirk Bowers, 106 George Rogers, said he has seen a deterioration of our <br />constitutional rights and he asked Council to support the impeachment resolution. He <br />said we have an immoral federal administration. <br /> <br /> Mr. John Pfaltz, 1503 Rugby Road, supported increasing fines on certain roads, <br />but he said it is not enough if we do not enforce the laws we have. He said excess money <br />in the budget should be spent for police to stop speeders. He said it is a city wide issue. <br /> <br />th <br /> Mr. John Gains, 214 9 Street, N.W., said he presented a petition to the City <br />traffic engineer several months ago in support of banning parking on the north side of <br />th <br />Main Street from 8 Street to the bridge because of the poor visibility. He said he was <br />told the matter had to go through a process and then the request was denied. He asked <br />th <br />Council to either honor the request or place a traffic light at 8 and Main. <br /> <br /> Ms. A. K. Wider, 2331 Highland Avenue, thanked the traffic engineer for the <br />Cleveland/Willard/Cherry Avenue intersection drawings, and said there is unanimous <br />support of the proposal by the neighborhood association and the church. She said she <br />hopes the changes can be made before school starts. She supported the additional $200 <br />fine for speeding on Old Lynchburg Road, and presented a letter in support of the fine <br />from Jeanne Chase. She said enforcement is the key. <br /> <br /> Ms. Leah Puryear, 2415 Kerry Lane, thanked Council for funding the Summer <br />Internship Program. She said she is saddened by the upcoming departure of Assistant <br />City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney, whom she said has been vigilant regarding <br />Jefferson School. She said she hopes the City Manager will work diligently to find a <br />replacement for her. <br /> <br />COUNCIL RESPONSES TO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC <br /> <br />th <br /> Ms. Hamilton said she would like more information about the situation at 8 and <br />Main Street. She said the point is taken regarding concerns with trash collection. She <br />noted that the City Manager will be stepping in to provide staff support for Jefferson <br />School. She said she appreciates the passionate feelings about the President, but said she <br />cannot recall having taken action on federal issues, and suggested that the matter be taken <br />to our federal representatives. <br /> <br /> Mr. Taliaferro said he appreciates the right of people to protest and support <br />impeachment, but he cannot support the resolution for two reasons. First he said he <br />thinks it is beyond the purview of his role as a Councilor. Second, he said he is a <br />Vietnam veteran and when protests were held against the war years ago they started <br />peacefully and then got heated and there was a lot of resentment as a result. He said <br />when Vietnam veterans returned home they got spit on, and he cannot support anything <br />that could insult our troops. <br /> <br /> <br />